There are many benefits to Pilates based physical therapy. Pilates can improve your core strength and posture, tone and strengthen muscles, increase your flexibility, improve your body’s alignment and assist with weight loss. We offer progressive treatments using top of the line Balanced Body equipment. This state of the art equipment provides a complete body workout in functional positions for effective rehabilitation and injury prevention.

Pilates can help by retraining muscles to work as they naturally should, teaching you how to increase the muscle’s ability to produce efficient and safe movement. Strengthening and restoring muscle function does not require the use of heavy weights but rather gentle, progressive motions done with good postural alignment. Pilates exercises use controlled movements to enhance balance and coordination, while strengthening the core stabilizing muscles. Using good alignment and controlled motions, these gentle exercises are less likely to lead to re-injury.

We offer private Pilates sessions with a certified Doctor of Physical Therapy. These sessions can be interwoven with your PT rehabilitation to ensure the most comprehensive care.  The Physical Therapist provides private Pilates sessions specifically tailored to your rehabilitative needs using specialized physical therapy knowledge and the most cutting-edge equipment and techniques.