Non-Surgical Rehabilitation

Many non-surgical injuries can be treated with physical therapy.

Pre/Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

We work with surgeons to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Sports Rehabilitation

Our goal is to get you back to your sport in the most effective and safest way.

Experience the Difference

Doctor Mandler Physical Therapy Coral Gables Miami

No more sitting in crowded waiting rooms. No more wondering if you are doing the right exercise while the therapist is working with one of his three other patients scheduled at the same time. While most other PT Clinics schedule 3-4 patients per hour – resulting in endless delays and limited 1-on-1 therapist-patient time – Mandler PT schedules one patient per hour, ensuring that the patient has the undivided attention of their therapist for every minute of their session. This allows for better care and faster recovery.

To make treatment as efficient and effective as possible, a detailed home exercise program will be provided to each patient and your physical therapist will be available by phone or email to answer any questions or concerns that may arise during the rehabilitation process. You can expect the highest quality care as a patient with Mandler PT.

Highly Trained and Professional Staff

Mandler Physical Therapy provides its patients with expertly trained clinicians and office staff.

State of the Art Equipment

This cutting-edge facility is one of the only clinics in the surrounding area with the new AlterG® VIA, Anti-Gravity Treadmill™, which features real-time 3D gait and running analysis and unweighting technology to reduce the impact on joints.

Individualized Treatment

One-on-one treatment plans are expertly catered to each individual patient.

Conveniently Located

Located in Coral Gables, Florida, this beautiful clinic provides ample parking in a neighboring covered garage.

Excellence in Physical Therapy.

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    Patient Reviews

    The one-on-one treatment concept at Mandler Physical Therapy has changed my outlook on therapy. I have recovered faster, and have received care that I never thought existed at physical therapy clinics.

    Michelle D.



    I went to Mandler Physical Therapy after injuring my shoulder playing sports. Before I knew it, I was back to playing basketball and working out without pain. I couldn’t have done it without the excellent therapists at Mandler PT.

    Michael R.


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